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Changes in Architecture

Architectural design has dramatically change over time. From beautiful old stone buildings to today’s tall breathtaking glass skyscrapers. Architecture design has grown as technology has developed.

Byzantine Building

Olden architecture was inspired and influenced mainly by religion and new architectural designs invented. Churches and cathedrals were mostly built throughout Europe as many people were strongly religious and superstitious. Some older types of architecture include Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic. Architectural in the Byzantine Era (330AD-1050) was strongly influenced by religion. Buildings were made of stone that were golden in tone and were characterized by massive domes, rounded arches and decorated with mosaics in the interior.


During the Romanesque Era (1050-1200) buildings had massive columns with round arches. They became more complex throughout this era with the uses of barrel vaults and half barrel vaults. They were decorated by stones carvings on columns and doorways. Many buildings built during this time were castles and churches. Later on came the Gothic Era (1200-1500). Buildings were extremely tall and had a lot of stain glass windows for lighting. Groin vaults, flying buttresses and curved arches were used.


Today, architecture is affected by urbanization, sustainability and technology. Many tall skyscrapers and condominiums are being built to conserve space. Since cities are growing and living spaces are shrinking, buildings need to be more dense and builders need to maximize the use of their building space which is why buildings seem to be getting taller and taller. One difference that I have noticed is that buildings no longer have intricate and detailed design. Instead, buildings tend to have a more simpler appearance but a more intricate design. Architects today try to create irregular shaped and futuristic buildings to impress viewers. Many windows are also used in buildings to maximize lighting.